Trance Session 2010



F1d0 is going to make big finale

Young talented dj and producer F1d0 is know with his mash-ups. A lot of big djs around the world play them in their sets. Its not only his mashup what makes him known but his playing too. Many people know him like a tech trance dj. His djing style is not only about play song and after 5 minutes mix another song. He like experimenting with music during his set so every set is unique. He is ready to destroy you! Check this out, his last playing in the club.

Ronny K. is the name which does not need to be introduced. This Czech dj/producer, who now lives in UK is well known to many Czech people due to his previous project called FM Factory. Their famous commercial hits Mrazík and 17náct can be heard at local discotheques even nowadays. Of course, Ronny produces completely different music now. As he often says, he does not produce music for masses, but especially for underground trance community which appreciates his energetic uplifting trance style. You can look forward to hear many of his great tracks in his set at Trance Session together with a few very exclusive tracks which Ronny prepared especially for Trance Session.

5th anniversary

23rd of October is the day of one of the most anticipated club trance events of this autumn in the Czech Republic, Trance Session. This party, which is going to celebrate its 5th anniversary, will be hosted by several top Czech and foreign djs. Headliner is Czech producer living nowadays in UK, Ronny K., who is very well known to Czech people thanks to his previous project – FM Factory. Secondly, Manuel le Saux, a sympathetic Italian, who already performed in the Czech Republic once, is on the lineup and is ready to bring us the very best from energetic uplifting trance. The next big name on the lineup is without doubt, Eddie Sender. His debut performance in Fabric was a great success and we can expect the same great music, if not even better, from him this time. Another artist on the lineup, Marcel Kenenberg, is not yet very known person to the Czech crowd, but we can promise a banging set from this young and talented Irish guy. We can promise the same also when it comes to another very special foreign guest, dj Lazarus from UK, who is well known especially to those who listen to radio. These guys are going to be accompanied by two Czech talents, F1D0 from Pardubice, who’ll take care of the closing set and the founder of Trance Session, Peter Muff, who will start the whole event.
Trance Session – 5th Anniversary is going to be held in Fabric, Ostrava, which is without doubt, one of the best clubs in the Czech Republic. Club is going to be open since 7pm, first dj then starts at 8pm. We also have several surprises for you, so prepare your party sandals and get ready for the night you’ll never forget ;)